The First No-Nonsense Moisturizer Designed For Rosacea-Prone Skin

Because having your face on fire is no joke.

Developed specifically for ultra-sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, Ruddi gives you calming, fragrance-free hydration so you can put your best face forward - no matter your skin type. Time to finally have a moisturizer that won't burn, itch, or add fuel to the fire of rosacea. Ruddi:

  • Deeply moisturizes without harsh alcohols
  • Stops bacteria growth in its tracks
  • Feels light & cooling — never oily
  • Is always pure, natural, & preservative-free

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Made in Canada
Soothing Tamanu Oil
Anti-Inflammatory Willow Herb

See What All The Hype Is About: Join Ruddi Users Celebrating a Major Skin Win

I am in love with this moisturizer! It's light, scent free and has kept my sensitive and always irritated skin happy. More moisture - less redness. As an added bonus the bottle dispenser is sleek with no product loss.

• Nicole R.

Verfied Buyer

I've been loving this moisturizer ever since I added it to my skincare routine! It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t make my oily skin greasy, but it still hydrates and keeps my skin fresh. It completely controls my redness too without any irritation - so it's a win win for me!

• Elena P.

Verfied Buyer

Y'know how people have good and bad hair days? I get good and bad skin days. And with Ruddi, I've had nothing but good skin days! Prior to using it my skin was breaking out like crazy (little whiteheads and annoying red bumps everywhere). Once I discovered Ruddi, within a week it calmed my skin – no more breakouts and my usual rosy cheeks and nose were visibly reduced. I'm never turning back!

• Adriana H.

Verfied Buyer

You've got a fan in me! My skin is prone to redness and very sensitive. But this cream instantly reduces the redness and doesn't irritate my skin at all. So happy to have found it and would recommend it anyone who suffers from redness from rosacea 🙌🏼

• Katarina P.

Verfied Buyer

I’ve had sensitive skin for a while and I was really happy to see that the product worked so well for my skin. No irritation or redness.

• Ashleigh H.

Verfied Buyer

This is a great daily moisturizer! I love that it's lightweight and absorbs into the skin nicely. It's the perfect base in my skincare regimen. The bottle design is ideal for travel too, so you won't lose any product.

• Caitlin P

Verfied Buyer

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Stop Worrying "Is My Face Red?"

We know how quickly rosacea can go from just "annoying' to taking over your whole life. There's pain, stinging, and never-ending stress about the little things that may cause a flare-up. And frankly, that sucks.

That's why Ruddi is designed to moisturize, protect, and reduce inflammation for even the most sensitive skin. While other topicals focus on just one component of rosacea, Ruddi's multi-pronged approach calms, cools, hydrates, and reduces inflammation for ultra-gentle symptom relief.

Rosacea doesn't own your life, so it’s time to stop acting like it does! Make managing your symptoms a no-brainer with the soothing power of Ruddi, so you can ditch the stress and get back to living your best life.

We Took Out All The Flare-Up-Inducing Crap & Only Kept The Good Stuff

Newsflash: Ultra-mild is ultra-effective.
Ruddi works by delivering a super dose of anti-inflammatory ingredients while renewing the moisture barrier with gentle skin-healing hydration. Because it's fragrance and irritant-free, it's safe to use on clean skin both morning and night - or whenever your skin needs an extra boost of calm. Just:

Apply Ruddi to clean skin - each bottle lasts about 60 days of daily use


Feel the calm. No pain, itching, or "Don't worry, burning means it's working!" (it doesn't)


Enjoy the soothing hydration & having one less thing to worry about

Best part? It actually works.

Kick Flare-Ups to The Curb


Seriously: flare-ups suck. But with Ruddi in your arsenal, you may be able to prevent the life-interrupting stinging, pain, and embarrassment that comes with a major episode. Applied daily, Ruddi is:

  • Seriously Calming: immediate, cooling relief from irritation
  • Skin-Safe: free of flare-up causing ingredients
  • Clean & Pure: free of parabens & sulfates
  • Lightweight & Moisturizing: like a hydrating glass of water for your skin

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free shipping on orders above $75

Unlock Your Skin's Healing Potential With a Blend of 3 Unique Super-Soothers

Canadian Willow Herb

A super herb that reduces redness and oiliness with clinical-strength anti-irritant and anti-acne power.

(Also known as the ultra-gentle cousin of Salicylic acid!)

Tamanu Oil

A potent botanical oil known for its cooling, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial wound-healing properties — shown in clinical studies to promote skin regeneration and collagen production, quickly healing inflamed skin.

Defensil Plus

A naturally derived, award-winning formulation of Blackcurrant seed oil, Balloon Vine extract & Sunflower oil that’s clinically proven to reduce inflammation and repair the protective barrier in sensitive and irritated skin.

Redness Control Daily Moisturizer


Ruddi Redness Control is a daily moisturizer formulated with natural ingredients designed specifically for rosacea & redness prone skin. Using a powerful combination of super ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Canadian Willowherb & DEFENSIL®-PLUS

Because it's fragrance free, paraben free, sulfate free and irritant-free, it's safe to use on clean skin both morning and night - or whenever your skin needs an extra boost of calm.

For rosacea prone skin & skin with persistent redness or flushing.

This one of a kind moisturizer works by delivering a super dose of anti-inflammatory ingredients while renewing the moisture barrier with gentle skin-healing hydration.

We removed all harmful, irritant ingredients such as simple alcohols, chemical preservatives & fragrances and boosted it with natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing ingredients.

This ensures rosacea & redness prone skin gets the moisture & hydration it desperately needs while reducing the inflammation & redness and provide instant cooling relief.

Rosacea prone skin deserves a moisturizer that won't trigger a flare up.

Aqua, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate,aloe barbadensis (vera) leaf juice, isopropyl palmitate, glycerine, octyldodecanol, ribes nigrum (black currant) seed oil, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil unsaponifiables, cardiospermum halicacabum flower/leaf/vine extract, tocopherol, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract , cetyl alcohol, epilobium angustifolium (Canadian Willowherb) extract, matricaria recutita (chamomile) extract, sodium hyaluronate, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol.

No More DIY Chemistry Experiments: Try The No-Risk Skin Solution That's Giving Rosacea Sufferers Peace

Ruddi The Ordinary: Natural Moisturizing Factors La Roche Posay: Toleriane Line
Instant cooling relief
Lightweight hydration
No irritating glycols
No chemistry degree required
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"As someone who has struggled with acne and breakouts, I'm super picky with what goes onto my skin. Ruddi rescued my dry skin providing the right moisture without the flare ups or breakouts."

• Madeleine K.

Gentle & Natural Ingredients Meet Real, Effective Relief

Natural doesn't always mean gentle, and synthetic doesn't always mean effective. That's why we started with our unique soothing ingredients and removed all the extras & irritants found in most "redness reducing" products. (Heartbreaker: most "gentle" products still keep 2 or 3 known irritants!)

The result? Ruddi: a super gentle, vegan moisturizer that soothes irritation on site and prevents the stress of flare ups.

It's Not Magic, It's Science-Backed Symptom Reduction From People Who Get It

Growing up watching their family suffer from rosacea gave our founders a deep understanding of the physical and emotional discomfort that comes from chronic skin inflammation. The pain, anxiety, and feeling of being held hostage by unpredictable flare-ups shouldn't be something anyone has to deal with.

And the existing "calming" skin products? They're rarely made with rosacea in mind. Everything seems to contain one or two deal-breaker ingredients that, despite the other soothing additions, cancel everything out and cause major irritation.

So we set out to create a product designed specifically for rosacea-prone skin that would also be safe and soothing for all other skin types: the Ruddi moisturizer. Harnessing the power of 3 key anti-inflammatory ingredients, Ruddi is proud to have successfully reduced the symptoms of mild and moderate rosacea among users.

You've suffered with the complications of rosacea for long enough and you deserve simple, safe symptom relief made specifically for your skin.

Flare-up freedom is finally here. Are you ready for some risk-free rosacea relief?

Questions? We'll relieve those, too.

How often can I use Ruddi?
We recommend using Ruddi twice a day, morning and night. Just apply it over makeup-free skin, avoiding eye area.
Will Ruddi cure my rosacea?
While there’s no known cure for rosacea, we can promise that Ruddi won't cause/exacerbate a flare-up and the majority of Ruddi users report a significant decrease in redness, splotchiness, and irritation!
If Ruddi is free of irritating alcohols, why is cetyl alcohol an ingredient?
Great question! Unlike most alcohols, cetyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that hydrates and strengthens the skin barrier without causing irritation.
Is Ruddi vegan and cruelty free?
You bet. Ruddi is a natural moisturizer that doesn't contain any animal products and is never tested on animals.