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About Us


pronounced (ruh.dee)


Hi I'm Kristina the founder of Ruddi Skincare, My Mother suffers from rosacea & I have watched her suffer from it for her whole life.

After looking into treatments and better products to use, we found ourselves opened up to the world of all the others suffering from rosacea and the need for high quality products that worked.

The main problem we found was that other skin care brands had no products that were made SPECIFICALLY with rosacea in mind, everything contained one or two ingredients, however mild, that would cause negative reactions for those with rosacea.

We sought out to formulate the perfect moisturizer that was made with one person in mind, someone with rosacea.

After a year of formulating, testing, and development we finally came up with Ruddi Redness Control. 

We understand that Rosacea can't be cured and we don't offer a cure, but the essential need for Rosacea prone skin to have a healthy skin barrier and proper hydration/moisture led us to focus on a moisturizer above all other products. 

We can't cure rosacea but we can make living with it a hell of a lot easier. 

Our moisturizer was designed to not cause flare ups, irritation, and frankly make things worse. 

We believe even those with the most severe skin deserve to be able to use a daily moisturizer. 

With organic, natural ingredients such as Tamanu Oil, Canadian Willowherb, & Aloe Ruddi Redness Control provides amazing moisture & hydration while soothing irritated skin & inflammation, reducing redness and providing a nice cooling effect, perfect for those hot flush days. 

We  took it even further to made sure there were 0 drying alcohols, fragrances and chemical preservatives, our product is organic all the way through.