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Tamanu Oil - Natural, Effective Relief For Rosacea

Tamanu Oil - Natural, Effective Relief For Rosacea

Rosacea can be one of the most difficult & frustrating skin conditions to treat.

Unfortunately there is no cure and the disease comes in all different forms from mild flushing to severe blistering and scarring.

With most products on the market containing alcohols, chemical preservatives, and fragrances a simple moisturizer can be a nightmare for anyone suffering from rosacea.

Even the smallest amount of any irritant can cause extreme discomfort and painful flare ups.

But there are tons of natural remedies that have shown to improve the common symptoms that come with rosacea.

One of the hottest new natural remedies for handling rosacea is Tamanu Oil. Since Rosacea is an inflammatory condition, in traditional herbalism we turn to plant remedies that help soothe the skin.

Tamanu oil is derived from the seeds of the tamanu nut tree, a tropical evergreen native to Southeast Asia. While it has yet to become the ‘it’ ingredient in modern skincare, it’s definitely not a newbie; it’s been used medicinally for centuries by various Asian, African, and Pacific Island cultures.

Tamanu oil contains calophyllolide, a molecule well-studied for delivering anti-inflammatory effects similar to that of hydrocortisone. Per a 2018 study, this molecule was also shown to be an integral part of the oil’s wound healing abilities. It also means that the oil is potentially good for inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and of course, rosacea.

But that's not the only thing that makes this oil AMAZING for rosacea.

Having a healthy, moisturized skin is crucial to managing rosacea - Tamanu oil Is rich in fatty acids: and has a higher fatty acid content than many other oils, making it incredible for addressing dry skin, More specifically, it contains both oleic and linoleic fatty acids, which are responsible for it's amazing moisturizing abilities.

Tamanu oil's antibacterial properties help against a few different forms of acne & the bacteria associated with acne – and have shown to really help with inflammatory kinds of acne, similar to acne experienced by those with Rosacea.

It's easy to see why Tamanu oil is quickly becoming a favorite in not just rosacea treatment but also all new skincare.

It gives the skin barrier an incredible amount of moisture without being too oily or clogging pores, it's anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and burning, and it's anti-bacterial properties can improve acne caused from rosacea.

Ruddi Redness Control Daily Moisturizer


RUDDI Redness Control is a daily moisturizer formulated with natural ingredients designed specifically for rosacea & redness prone skin. Using a powerful combination of super ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Canadian Willowherb & DEFENSIL®-PLUS 

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RUDDI is formulated with Tamanu Oil & is designed to moisturize, protect, and reduce inflammation for even the most sensitive skin. 

While other topicals focus on just one component of rosacea, Ruddi's multi-pronged approach calms, cools, hydrates, and reduces inflammation for ultra-gentle symptom relief.

Meet our unique blend of 3 natural super-soothers clinically proven to reduces redness and calm inflammed, irritated skin.

Tamanu Oil
A potent botanical oil known for its cooling, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial wound-healing properties — shown in clinical studies to promote skin regeneration and collagen production, quickly healing inflamed skin. Tamanu Oil has been used for centuries for it's amazing skin nourishing properties.

Defensil Plus
A naturally derived, award-winning formulation of Blackcurrant seed oil, Balloon Vine extract & Sunflower oil that’s clinically proven to reduce inflammation and repair the protective barrier in sensitive and irritated skin. Each component has been thoroughly investigated for its roll in reducing redness and calming the skin.

Canadian Willow Herb
A super herb that reduces redness and oiliness with clinical-strength anti-irritant and anti-acne power. (Also known as the ultra-gentle cousin of Salicylic acid!) Canadian Willowherb™ reduces skin redness within 30 minutes of use and has better results than the reference anti-irritant agent hydrocortisone.

dermatologist Recommended, Tested & Proven!

See Dr. Waldman's Before & After Application Of Ruddi

Dr. Abigail Waldman

Board Certified Dermatologist


"As a board certified dermatologist who also has rosacea, I understand how necessary it is to find a gentle natural moisturizer that not only hydrates the skin but also reduces my redness and doesn’t cause any flare ups. I have been using RUDDI redness control daily moisturizer for 2 months now and immediately noticed redness reduction after the first use. What I love about this product Is that is fragrance free, fragrances are an extremely common irritant to us who have rosacea and finding an effective product that works without them can be extremely difficult, not everyone may experience the same results with RUDDI but I highly recommend anyone who suffers from redness or rosacea prone skin give this product a try"

dermatologist Recommended, Tested & Proven!

See Dr. Waldman's Before & After Application Of Ruddi

RUDDI is your natural solution to managing rosacea & redness prone skin

Meet Kristina, Founder of Ruddi Skincare

From the moment I understood the struggles and hardships that came with Rosacea, I knew I wanted to be a part of a solution. Growing up I saw my mom battle the uncomfortable effects of Rosacea, with no end in sight. I saw her switch dermatologists, seek out aestheticians, try new creams, experiment with new diets - to no avail. Being a skincare enthusiast myself and someone who is passionate about natural ingredients, I started doing more research on what could possibly work, and to see if there was ANYTHING that could help her. And that’s where RUDDI began - it started with a what if, and it quickly turned into a vision that I couldn’t let go of. After extensive research, working closely with biochemists, trial and errors, and many failed attempts - I was finally able to create a moisturizer for Rosacea-prone skin. I focused on natural, nourishing ingredients and removed any fillers, additives and perfumes that could cause irritations and flare-ups. Our formula is simple, yet effective. Most importantly - it’s safe for Rosacea. RUDDI’s philosophy is simple: create a rosacea community where you can feel comfortable in your own skin. I hope you love this product as much as I do,.

Ruddi Redness Control Daily Moisturizer


Developed specifically for ultra-sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, Ruddi gives you calming, fragrance-free hydration so you can put your best face forward - no matter your skin type. Time to finally have a moisturizer that won't burn, itch, or add fuel to the fire of rosacea.

Deeply moisturizes without harsh alcohols

Stops bacteria growth in its tracks

Feels light & cooling — never oily

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